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Emergency Preparedness
General Overview
Shawnee County Health Agency's Emergency Preparedness and Community Outreach program is dedicated to ensuring our community is prepared on a community level in the event of a disease outbreak or emergency situation. It is also important that we help citizens of Shawnee County prepare on an individual level.

The Emergency Preparedness and Community Outreach program is happy to assist your community organization or group by providing presentations educating individuals on what they can do to prepare. 

The passage of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 provided funding to all states for bioterrorism (BT) preparedness through a cooperative agreement program operated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The agreement provides support to state and selected local health departments, including the Shawnee County Health Agency, in the following areas:

Preparedness planning and readiness assessment: Establish strategic leadership, direction, assessment, and coordination of activities within the jurisdiction.

Surveillance and epidemiology capacity: Enable state and local health departments to enhance, design, and develop systems for rapid detection of unusual outbreaks that may be the result of bioterrorism.

Laboratory capacity-biological agents: Ensure that core diagnostic capabilities for bioterrorism agents are available at all state and major city/county public health laboratories.

Laboratory capacity-chemical agents: Ensure that core diagnostic capabilities for chemical agents are available at all state and major city/county public health laboratories.

Health Alert Network/Communications and Information Technology: Enable state and local public health agencies to establish and maintain a network that will: 
  • Support exchange of key information and training by linking public health and private partners 
  • Provide rapid dissemination of public health advisories to news media and the public 
  • Ensure secure electronic data exchanges 
  • Ensure protection of data, information, and systems, with adequate backup, organizational
    capacity, and surge capacity
Risk Communication and Health Information Dissemination: Ensure that state and local public health organizations develop an effective risk-communication capacity that provides for timely information dissemination to the public during a bioterrorist attack.

Education and Training: Ensure that state and local health departments have the capacity to: 
  • Access the training needs for key public health and clinical care providers in their jurisdictions
  • Ensure that education and training are provided to key target audiences

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